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Keeping Your Lakes and Ponds Under Control 

Proper maintenance of our water resource is an important part of any community or association management program. Physical factors within our environment have made waterway management a necessity. The watershed areas surrounding our lakes and ponds have been adversely affected by development. Storm water runoff entering our waterways causes organic build up, invasive weed growth, algae blooms and oxygen depletion. The ideal waterway is one with little to no deposits. Most lakes are slowly dying from a build-up of too much fertilizer, road grime and other organic debris.

Professional Water Management Program

  • On-site management survey includes inspecting inflow and outflow of water, checking watershed, shoreline erosion, identifying plant and algae growth and general health.
  • Application of proper herbicides for the control of invasive plants and algae.
  • Mechanical aeration, fountains, or bottom aeration systems.
  • Aquatic planting to enhance aesthetics and help the natural filtering process.
  • Sediment removal around inflow and outflow structures.
  • Maintenance of surrounding conservation areas and mitigation sites.
  • Securing Government permits and submitting Government reports.



Plants on Water

Palm Trees and Lake